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Islamic Tuition is one of the internationally leading Learning Quran online academy in USA,CA,Uk and AUS due to its quality of service, authenticity, convenient, unique and new teaching style and affordable fee plans. Here you can learn Quran online in just 4 months by our well trained and best male & female online quran tutors.

Our Prime objective is to spread the knowledge of the Holy Quran in the world.

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How it works:

Online Quran Classes and Lessons are delivered through Skype, where communication via voice is much easier and a screen sharing option is available too, additionally it all happens live. With the screen sharing options, teachers able to share the pages to read or work on it By this way, it makes the live session more interactive and effective one on one Quran learning session.

We also allow you to select or choose your own schedule, time of class, number of days in a week, language options and most importantly preferred teacher either a male or female for your flexibility. We offer gender option as a female tutor for female student only and we offer 4 languages speaking teacher’s i.e. English, Arabic & Urdu. It is really fun and easy to learn Quran online with Tajweed for kids and adults. We also offer Trail Classes.

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Plan A

$40 / month
  • $5 Per Class
  • 2-days Weekly
  • 30 Min Per Class
  • 8 Classes Monthly
  • One On One Live Class

Plan B

$50 / month
  • $4.16 Per Class- 16.8% Off
  • 3-days Weekly
  • 30 Min Per Class
  • 12 Classes Monthly
  • One On One Live Class

Plan C

$55 / month
  • $3.43 Per Class- 30.6% Off
  • 4-days Weekly
  • 30 Min Per Class
  • 16 Classes Monthly
  • One On One Live Class

Plan D

$60 / month
  • $3 Per Class- 40% Off
  • 5-days Weekly
  • 30 Min Per Class
  • 20 Classes Monthly
  • One On One Live Class

Plan E

$50 / month
  • $6.25 Per Class
  • Sat - Sun Weekly
  • 30 Min Per Class
  • 8 Classes Monthly
  • One On One Live Class

Why Choose Us

Choose a Reputable Place for online Quran Classes
There are a lot of online Islamic institutions offering a variety of courses. They offer different teaching facilities too. Make sure you choose a reputable institution for taking classes. A reputable institution has qualified tutors and a reliable curriculum. It is trusted and reliable. Teachers are certified and graduated from reputable Islamic institutions too. Muslim students join online Quran institutions to learn the Quran online. Make sure the tutors have experience of a few years of teaching the Quran online. It is also true that some tutors are really good at delivering lectures even though they don’t have the experience of some years. A reputable institution is also the one where quality is kept well and it offers the services that are up to the expected standards.


Mashallah this people are very professional and have very easy way to teach Quran. Quick way to learn! really appreciated. Alhamdulillah so lucky to find this institute, definitely recommend. Thanks for being a great solution.
From UK
My 3 daughters are having their classes from I really didn’t imagine that it could work. Now, I am 100% satisfied with there fast progress, and their interest in Quran learning. It’s all because of the tutors at islamictuition, who are teaching in a friendly environment. Thank you for being a great solution.
Muhammad albahr
From New Zealand
Great institute.
They are very responsible and attentive. My son learned so much from them in a very short time. My son loves to learn with them. we highly recommend this institute.
From Germany
Islamic tuition is providing an extra ordinary service to Muslims. They have such a great and modern teaching style. Me and my 2 doughters are taking classes since last 4 months. We are satisfied with the timing and teachers. Highly recommended
Umm e Abiha
From Canada

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