Terms and Conditions:

After you register with us, there are some terms and conditions that you need to know before you continue further. These terms and conditions are the ones which we follow, which is why we request our clients to also go through them before starting their classes with us.

  • There is a deposit fee that is charged after the trial classes are over.
    The trail classes are free of cost. No fee will be charged for these trial classes.
  • In these trial classes, our teachers highlight our teaching methods and the timings when the classes will be held.
    The classes are expected to be paused or ceased, if the monthly fee is not deposited.
  • We understand that there can be several situations that can bother you. Which is why, we recommend you to inform us in case there is any delay in the payment.
    If you miss any classes, our teachers can give you makeup classes.
  • There will be no more than 5 makeup classes.
    If the student wishes to continue studying from the same teacher, he or she is required to inform earlier, so that the reservation could be made.
  • Absent will be marked if the student does not show up for any class.
    We have the right to add or remove any tutor we want, at any time.
    We expect our students to not exchange any extra details with their teachers. Our team will not be responsible in case there is any negative situation.
  • We also ask our students to not stay in touch with any tutor who is not in working with them anymore.
  • Fee should be expected to increase every year.
    The fee increase rate is 6-7% of the present fee every year.
  • Eid days are considered as the holidays, both for the student and the tutor. For the tutor, the holiday is a paid leave.
    Feel free to ask us anything. Our staff will make sure that all your questions are answered before you start working with us.